Bedtime Books Special: How To Catch A Star and I Took The Moon For A Walk

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well. Today’s post is a bedtime books special, in honour of Beebop’s terrible sleeping habits (teething and colds don’t mix!) the past few days! One book we got from the library and the other we have as a Barefoot Books ambassador. They’re both beautiful and perfect for babies and toddlers alike.

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Barefoot Books Top Picks!


It’s so wet, windy and miserable here today. The cats are all asleep, the rabbits are snuggled up in their hay and the hamsters probably haven’t realised it’s daytime yet! The positives of this horrible weather is that it means it’s great for snuggling up in bed or on a comfy chair, a perfect spot to read your favourite book! If you’d like to discover a new favourite, Barefoot Books have a great sale on at the moment so we thought we’d do our top picks for you!

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Barefoot Books’ The Wheels On The Bus by Stella Blackstone

Hello everyone!

First of all, we are very sorry for not being as active on our blog recently. We’ve had a few sad weeks in the past few months but we’re feeling much better now!

For those of you who live in and around Merseyside, you may be familiar with Little Scribbles. Little Scribbles run storytelling sessions for all ages, have an online shop and are a Barefoot Books ambassador. They very kindly sent us a copy of Barefoot Book’s new singalong book, The Wheels On The Bus.

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