Malala’s Magic Pencil


We are SO excited to share this with you. We all know (if not, then you should!) Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s story and now she has written it down in a way we can share it with our children. If you’re looking for an inspiring story, this is the one for you.

We picked this up from the post office this afternoon and actually parked up in the nearest supermarket car park because we couldn’t wait until we got home!


See the background? Carpark!

The front cover is beautiful. It’s shiny, eye catching and very imaginative. Beebop gave a gasp when it came out of the packaging!

From the very first sentence of “Do you believe in magic?” you are drawn in and it is almost as though Malala is speaking to you. Magic pencil indeed!

Malala tells us her experience of growing up in a war torn country and how she wished for a magic pencil to make the world a better place, but then bad men came along and stopped girls going to school. Malala decided to create herself a real magic pencil and began writing undercover. Then, for us, the story changes with a punch and her bravery really comes into it’s own. As a reader, you can feel the power in her words and it brought a tear to our eye.


If you’ve ever wondered how to discuss these issues with your children, this book is fantastic. Her writing is as gentle as it is strong and it’s delivered in a way that is clear and empathetic. Beebop is very sensitive and at the end of the story, she clapped her hands and said “I love it!”

Malala’s story can be shared with a new generation with the hope to continue to educate and inspire!




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