Ramadan 2017: 99 Names Project – Al Malik

There is a very special month for Muslims happening at the moment, the month of Ramadan. In short, it’s a month of Quran, charity, prayer, increasing knowledge and fasting. It’s the first year Beebop has been aware of festivities. Every day, we have been doing something different to mark the days. To help me come up with ideas, we have been using the 99 Names of Allah book by Chickpea Press. We’ve waited a very long time for this book and it was definitely worth the wait!

The first name we chose was Al Malik, the King. Our craft (thanks Pintrest!) was to make crowns out of paper plates. Beebop chose to paint hers and Baby Beebop used pencils.


Beebop’s crown


Baby Beebop



This book is so easy to read. It’s very clear and has English and Arabic writing with a transliteration too. It has ayahs from the Quran with reflections and activities to broaden our understanding and practice self reflection. It also has a very strong theme of giving a voice to women throughout the book.

This book is an absolute treasure on your bookshelf for teachers, students, child or adult. It has instinctively formed the basis for our Ramadan activities and learning, both for the girls and us as adults and converts too!

Give Chickpea Press a follow on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to their Youtube channel for daily vlogs throughout Ramadan.

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