A Morning At The Storybarn


It’s been a very, very long time since we did a post and we are very sorry. The demands of raising a toddler and being pregnant just got too much! Baby Beebop was born in November so now we’ve got used (sort of!) to raising two under 3, we can get back to blogging!

We haven’t ventured too far but our local NCT group organised a trip to The Storybarn, a little gem in Calderstones Park, Liverpool. It is, in their own words, an interactive story centre for children of all ages. We got there a bit early so treated ourselves to a drink in the ice cream parlour next door (note: the ice cream is very yummy, it was just too cold!)


We went straight up onto the first floor and when you get there, it’s literally a wow! On one side is a robot and the other side has a hot air balloon! There is also a LOT of books! The children were able to run around like loons for the first half an hour or so, then our lovely storysharers read us a story. They were really good at getting the children engaged, hard work when you have babies, excitable toddlers and preschoolers around! The children were then free to play with the dressing up box, a teepee hideout, the hot air balloon, the robot, bubbles, any book they wanted and even a giant (yes, we mean giant!) slide! It was lovely to see that one of the storysharers asked if the children wanted to hear another story and lovelier still to see some of them sit down with her to read their choices.

Here are some more of our photos!


Part of the ceiling


The Robot! He had lots of things to interact with…


. . .Like this!


Toys for little people


Beebop looks out from her new hot air balloon


Sailing away to warmer climes!

Thank you to The Reader Org and The Storybarn for a wonderful day. We can’t wait to return next week.

If you would like to keep up to date with The Reader Org, you can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. The Storybarn can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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