#ThorpThursday The Squawks by Ruth Thorp

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re having a lovely week and you enjoyed Monday’s review! Today is the last of our #ThorpThursday series. Our book for today is The Squawks by Ruth Thorp.

Have you met the birds that squawk the squawky talk of the squawking squawks?

The Squawks are a very lively bunch of little birds. They are different colours, wear disguises and dance and sing! This is the book to read if you like your picture books with a twist!


Ruth’s illustrations are very striking. Her colours are so bold and used to brilliant effect in a modern way. You can see the personality in each individual squawk.


The text is full to the brim of clever rhymes that are almost a tongue twister to read. It’s great fun (one to break out at a squawking party?!) You can pick this book up multiple times and it doesn’t lose its appeal. It’s a challenge for newly independent readers and engaging for younger ones. Beebop loves to listen to us reading it. Another hit from Ruth!

If you like the sound of The Squawks, you’ll love Ruth’s other book, Squiggle Bee (Beebop still shouts for “BEEEEEEEEEEE!” when she wants this read to her!) and her illustrations with her sister, Sarah Mahfoudh, in Lilly Mae. We can’t wait to read your next book Ruth!

Visit Ruth’s website to purchase her books and cards, and you can also follow her on Twitter.






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