#MaverickMonday Strictly No Crocs by Heather Pindar

Hello everyone!

Today’s review is a book called Strictly No Crocs by Heather Pindar, all about three crocodiles with a dastardly plan!

                                                        ” ‘Don’t worry,’ said Snapper ‘I have a clever plan. . .’ “

Zebra is having a birthday! Everyone is invited, but there is strictly no crocodiles allowed! Cruncher thinks it would be a great idea to sneak into the party and eat everyone up! They put on disguises and go to the party! They jump on the bouncy castle, play pass the parcel and eat some cake! They have such a lovely time, they forget something very important. . .


Susan Batori’s illustrations are really lovely, and we thought the party invites were very sweet. The birthday cake also looks yummy!


This book was read multiple times in very quick succession, which is a good sign that Beebop loved it! It made us chuckle and, as villains go, Cruncher, Chomper and Snapper are actually very endearing! Reading this book is a good way to have a conversation about how excluding people is not very kind (neither is eating other animals at parties!)

Thank you for reading our review, let us know what you think!

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