#thorpthursday Lilly Mae by Sarah Mahfoudh

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re all having a good week. Today’s #thorpthursday is a review of the very cool Lilly Mae by Sarah Mahfoudh and illustrated by Ruth Thorp.

                        “and from her home high in the sky, she chooses weather for you and I”.

Lilly Mae is a spirited little girl who lives on a cloud in the sky. She has a magical talent of changing the weather to match her mood. If she’s happy, the sun shines, if she’s sad, it rains.


Lilly Mae looks effortlessly stylish, it’s a very cool looking book! Her bold and individual outfits match her fiesty personality. In the hail and rain clouds, the illustrations have a texture to them so they really stand out.


Lilly Mae is such a unique concept and story. It rhymes beautifully and Beebop wanted to read it over and over again. It could be a useful way to talk about feelings with small children. They may not have the words to express how they feel but comparing it to how the weather would be if they were Lilly Mae might help them explain their feelings to grown ups, as the people in the book asked Lilly Mae how they could help her. We also really like how individual Lilly Mae is, we like strong female characters!

If you missed our previous #thorpthursday post, view it here. We are big fans so far!

Thank you for reading!



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