#MaverickMonday Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip by Lou Treleaven

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another #MaverickMonday!Courtesy of Maverick children’s books,  today’s review is a brilliantly quirky book by Lou Treleaven and Julia Patton about a mad lady scientist who invents wonderful inventions.

                                                     “but what does this ooja-thing actually do?”

Professor McQuark is brilliantly mad and has so many wonderful ideas for inventions. All of a sudden, a new gadget pops into her head – the oojamaflip! She builds it and heads off to the local science fair to show it off. The only problem is it’s too big to fit in the door! The judges award the prizes but the audience has disappeared! Then they hear honking horns and children’s laughter. . . .


Julia Patton did a great job with the illustrations. From wearing multiple pairs of glasses to two odd shoes and socks, Professor McQuark looks as eccentric as she should! With it’s paddling pool roof and grassy lawn seats, the oojamaflip is a character all on its own!



We really liked that the Professor was female and it’s a very original story! It would give children a great start in thinking about inventions they could make too.

Follow Lou Treleaven on Twitter and see her website for more of her work. Julia Patton has a Twitter and website too.

To see more books from Maverick Children’s books, visit their website.

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