Guest Review: Peppa’s Post

Hello readers!

We hope your day is going well! Today’s guest review is a Peppa Pig special! International celebrity Peppa needs no introduction and her latest book was sure to be a big hit. One of our readers, Emily, is a huge Peppa fan and a very tough critic of books. She has very kindly offered to review a copy of Peppa’s latest work and share her thoughts with us.

After being inspired by Mr Potato’s theatre show, Madam Gazelle thinks Peppa and friends should put on a show of their own but who is the special guest who comes to see Peppa perform?

The words that Emily used to describe the book were amazing, super and fantastic! Emily says that it is more interesting than a normal book as you can open lots of envelopes and it’s exciting. Emily also shared the book with her little brother, who brings the book to his mum to read several times a day! Joe is now the world’s biggest Peppa fan so we think the best advice is purchase more than one copy if you have more than one Peppa Fan!


Look at that smile!


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