The Great Big Sleep by Sean Julian

Hello readers!

Today’s post is The Great Big Sleep by Sean Julian. We are big animal lovers in Beebop Towers so a book featuring bears and squirrels is always going to be a hit! This story about snuggling down for sleep is a great way to spend the time in this dodgy weather!

It’s time for hibernation, a great big sleep, and Bear is feeling very tired. Squirrel isn’t quite so tired, so proceeds to try and make himself tired. The only thing he manages to do is make Bear very cross, so he goes out to play in the snow. He plays so much, he doesn’t notice the snow getting heavier and ends up lost.


Bear searching for Squirrel!

The illustrations are really endearing and beautifully drawn. We settled down to read this book in the early hours of the morning when Beebop was being like Squirrel and refusing to sleep! It’s a lovely story about friendship and would be a great starting point for children to learn about hibernation.


Front Cover

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