Pom Pom The Champion by Sophy Henn

Hi everyone!

Today’s post will be a review of Sophy Henn’s Pom Pom The Champion. We loved Sophy’s Where Bear? so we were really happy to receive a copy of Pom Pom to see what he gets up to.

Pom Pom has discovered he has a really special talent. Pom Pom is really good at winning! He wins at not being the tallest OR the shortest, he wins at finishing elevenses first and he also wins at being the first to be ready to go out. When Pom Pom goes to play with his friends, he discovers he isn’t actually winning at anything they play, so he decides to go to play on his own. Pom Pom learns that winning by yourself isn’t always the best.

Front Cover

Front Cover

The book feels like a high quality book, which when children are involved, is very important! Pom Pom is adorable and the colours are very eye catching and the character’s faces are very expressive.


The story is really funny and little ones will love it. Beebop loves this book and it’s one that she reaches for time and time again. We also recommend you read Where Bear? as it’s a really sweet story and again, it’s beautifully illustrated.

Take a look at Sophy’s website and follow her on Twitter

See you soon!

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