#MeaghanFisherFriday Lars The Monkey flies a WACO Airplane

Hello everyone!

We have a late post tonight because Beebop is having one of those weeks were everything (and we mean everything!) is more interesting than going to sleep. It’s amazing how much energy they have when their mummies and daddies are ready for bed! Here is a #MeaghanFisherFriday for you, perfect for little ones who are fans of aeroplanes and/or monkeys! We had to do some googling for this review!

When Lars the monkey was little, he loved taking rides in a WACO aeroplane at WACO fields in Troy, Ohio. Now he’s older, he learns to fly a WACO aeroplane himself! Is he confident enough to step in when a pilot is injured and there are plenty of excited children who want a ride in the plane?!

Front Cover

Front Cover

We really liked the shading in the illustrations and the monkeys are all very cute!

Lars with his plane

Lars with his plane

This is a really good book for plane fans (little or big!). The museum that Lars visits is also a real place (see their website here) and you can even take a ride in a real aeroplane! Meaghan’s book can lead into all sorts of interesting learning (as we discovered when we had to google what a WACO aeroplane was!) Lars also teaches us that we have to work hard to achieve our goals.

We’re still looking for children to do a review of their favourite book. All we need is for them to tell us in their own words (whether it makes sense or not!) what they like and don’t like, along with a photo of them reading their book. If your child has a story they’ve written and want to share for our new feature, email us at beebopsbooksblog@outlook.com.

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