#MaverickMonday The Dog Detectives in an. . . American Adventure by Zoa Gypsy

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the last in our series of #MaverickMonday posts. Nooooooooo! Today’s book review is The Dog Detectives in an . . . American Adventure by Zoa.  Go on a wild adventure from the comfort of your own bed (or chair, beanbag, wherever takes your fancy!)

Detective Jack  and Deputy Poco Loco are quite happily building a sandcastle when they spy a UFO (Unidentified Flying Opossum). She lands with a SPLAT right on top of their handiwork! Miss Imogen is a long way from home and Detective Jack is very, VERY sure he knows just the right shortcut to get her home. How long can a shortcut be?

Front Cover

Front Cover

Monika Suska’s illustrations are really brilliant. We love the way it seems hand drawn on to the page. We also love that the Statue of Liberty has a dog’s face and all the recognisable American landmarks are there.

We can travel all the way to Las Vegas!

We can travel all the way to Las Vegas!

This story is great for an adventure just before bedtime and can lead to more reading around the landmarks featured in the book. It’s even got American facts at the back of the book.It’s really funny and Beebop enjoyed it. There’s also a good moral behind the story (it isn’t ‘never take a shortcut!)

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