Stories from Around The World with Little Lamb Tales

Hi everyone!

Beebop was feeling more like herself so we decided to head over to The Bridge Chapel in Liverpool to listen to some stories told by Little Lamb Tales. The sessions have been running all week for half term with a different theme each day. Today’s theme was Around The World

Little Lamb Tales, also known as Jude and Lamby, run story telling sessions for early years, key stage one and key stage two in many, many different places! This was our first time attending their session and we’ve been looking forward to it all week! As today was Chinese New Year (happy new year to all celebrating!) Lamby and Jude opened the session with a song and story about why the Chinese zodiac signs are all animals and why there is no lion sign!

Lamby centre stage!

Lamby centre stage!

The children all got to choose an item out of a tin and Jude and Lamby told a story about each item. The stories were from Japan, Costa Rica and a story by Rudyard Kipling set in Africa. Throughout the stories, Jude used actions, puppets and singing to engage little ones and they all seemed to love it! Beebop definitely did, she was clapping away and smiling throughout the session which went by very quickly! If we lived closer, we’d probably have gone every day.

Jude and Lamby telling us stories from China

Jude and Lamby telling us stories from China

The Bridge Centre has it’s own website and Twitter page so you can keep up to date with all their groups and activities. They have a lot going on for children, including free soft play which is perfect for little ones to let off some steam!

Jude and Lamby also have a lot going on! There is Little Lamb Phonics with an app and CDs to help children learn to read in a fun way. You can order both through her website  and see where her next storytelling sessions are too. She also offers a bespoke story writing service to raise money for schools and charities. Look out for more news on their Facebook and Twitter pages too! Jude and Lamby have also been nominated for an Merseyside Open for Business Award and voting is open until the 22nd of February. You can vote for them here.

What books related activities have you been up to this half term? Tweet, Facebook or email us at with your adventures!

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