#MaverickMonday Robopop by Alice Hemming

Hi everyone!

For today’s #MaverickMonday, we bring to you. . . . Robopop! Daddy Beebop often works late but today, he was home early and got to share Robopop with Beebop! Daddy Beebop likes football. A lot. To the point he watches football matches of teams he doesn’t even like, just because it’s football. He could relate very well to Robopop!

Dylan and Daisy’s dad is an inventor. What could possibly be bad about that?! Dylan and Daisy wished their daddy wasn’t so weird. Even the children at their school laughed at him. Daddy decides to get a babysitter called Robopop: The 21st century father figure!

Robopop's front cover!

Robopop’s front cover!

Robopop is illustrated by Northern chap James Lent (follow him on Twitter and take a look at his website)The illustrations are really sweet, we loved Dylan and Daisy’s dad’s flower outfit. Mummy Beebop also thinks he’s quite a dapper dresser with his bow tie (is he a Doctor Who fan?!). When Robopop is on babysitting duty, children can try and find Dylan and Daisy’s daddy hidden in the pages.

photo 2 (23)

Imagine seeing a robot on the opposing team. . . and people think over enthusiastic dads are a problem!

This story really made us smile. We loved the line “dads don’t come in a box”. A bit of quirkiness is a great trait to have! It teaches the lesson that it’s okay to be a bit different (and it’s ok if your children think you’re a bit weird!) It’s a non gender specific story. Daisy is seen playing in a football team and we think it’s great that little girls who play football can see someone like them in a story. It’s very sweet and very funny, children will love it. It would also be a great gift for Father’s Day.

Don’t forget to follow Alice on Twitter too. She also has her own website where you can keep update with her events.

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