Barefoot Beebop: Love themed book ideas

Hello everyone,

As Valentines Day is approaching soon, the teddy bears holding hearts, mugs with chocolates in and the sheer number of roses filled buckets taking over supermarket floors, we thought we’d offer a welcome distraction and give you our top picks of love themed books from our Barefoot Beebop Barefoot Books catalogue!

Motherbridge Of Love


This beautiful book talks about the love between a child, their birth mother and their adopted mother. The text is taken from a poem, written by an anonymous writer, discusses the roles that both mothers have in their child’s world. The character is Chinese, but as the book explores beyond culture and ethnicity so well, it is applicable to anyone from any culture in any part of the world. Books are amazingly powerful tools to open up difficult conversations and this one would be perfect for adoptive parents to discuss adoption with their children of all ages. Buy it here for £5.99

The Boy Who Grew Flowers


On top of Lonesome Mountain lives a very special boy named Rink who lives with his uncle who tames rattlesnakes. Rink is special because when there is a full moon, he grows flowers all over his body. Nobody understands Rink until a girl called Angelica joins Rink’s school. Angelica and Rink become friends and Rink finds out Angelica also has very unique qualities too. This book beautifully discusses the theme of friendship and acceptance in a very unusual way. The illustrations are amazing and there is enough text to occupy independent readers, whilst written simply enough for readers who still have help from mummy and daddy. The book is available here for £5.99.

Lola’s Fandango


Lola is very jealous of her older sister, Clementine. She’s jealous of her name, her hair and her talent at painting. This makes Lola feel very sad so she hides in her parent’s room. She discovers some old boxes and hidden in one of these boxes is a pair of high heeled black shoes with red polka dots. Lola’s daddy tells her that her mummy used to be a very talented flamenco dancer and promises to teach Lola (in secret!) a dance called the Fandango. She practices for a whole year and decides she wants to surprise her mummy for her birthday! Without a beautiful dress like mummy’s flamenco dress, Lola feels like she can’t dance. Will daddy’s support give her enough confidence? This book also comes with a CD so little dancers can hear the story and listen to traditional flamenco music. The book is available here for £10.99

The Barefoot Book of Buddhist Tales


This book is a collection of tales from a Buddhist perspective, promoting values such as tolerance, compassion and generosity, as well as the value of a good sense of humour! These moral messages are written in exciting and dramatic adventures! Ideal for ages 6 and over, it will keep readers busy for hours! The book is available here for £9.99

Please insert code 000-1o55 in the ambassador referral box at checkout. If you buy any of these books, let us know what you think!

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