#MaverickMonday Daniel O’Dowd Was Ever So Loud by Julie Fulton


We hope you are all well. We’ve been taking advantage of the cold weather here and snuggling up under a blanket to read a book. Thanks to Maverick Books, we have plenty to choose from! Daddy Beebop’s very poor taste in jokes led to our new Monday night hashtag #MaverickMonday. This means that every Monday we will be reviewing a new Maverick book for you! First up is Daniel O’ Dowd Was Ever So Loud by Julie Fulton.

If you have ever interacted with a child of any age, you may have noticed that they are not supplied with either a mute button or volume button. Daniel O’Dowd is so loud, he scares animals, deafens adults (and other children, no mean feat!) and can break lighthouses! As it turns out, whilst on a school trip, his lack of volume control may just be able to save the world, but he has to learn to listen to save himself!

Front Cover

Front Cover

The illustrations by Elina Ellis are really quirky. They’re very expressive and we loved the illustrations in space.

Saving the world, one shout at a time!

Saving the world, one shout at a time!

We really enjoyed this book and found it very funny, whilst learning the very important lesson of about learning to listen. It’s written in rhyming text so children may find it easier to read independently.too. It’s the fourth book in the Ever So series and if they’re anything like Daniel, they’d be worth a read!


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