Barefoot Books Top Picks!


It’s so wet, windy and miserable here today. The cats are all asleep, the rabbits are snuggled up in their hay and the hamsters probably haven’t realised it’s daytime yet! The positives of this horrible weather is that it means it’s great for snuggling up in bed or on a comfy chair, a perfect spot to read your favourite book! If you’d like to discover a new favourite, Barefoot Books have a great sale on at the moment so we thought we’d do our top picks for you!

First up. . . is anyone else a cat lover? We are at Beebop Towers, and we love Cleo the cat! Beautifully drawn with simple rhyming text, Cleo is always up to mischief on her adventures with her friend Caspar the dog. This would be perfect for babies and toddlers, just starting to explore their world as independent people. Cleo and Caspar are also ideal for toddlers going through new sibling or new friend anxieties.

Aren't they cute?!

Aren’t they cute?!

If you’re looking for a classic tale that is something a bit different, maybe the traditional Russian tale of The Gigantic Turnip is what you’re looking for. This tale is ideal for little readers starting to read on their own, and comes with an audio CD for mummies and daddies to play in the car or on the computer when they need a drink that is still warm! So what DOES happen when the old man, the old lady and all 21 farm animals try to harvest a gigantic turnip?!

It definitely is gigantic!

It definitely is gigantic!

“I’m bored!” “There’s nothing to do!” Those sentences were probably uttered in your house so many times over the holidays, despite the mountain of new toys! To escape the “I’m bored!” curse in your house, try a book from the world travel series. Our pick is The Wise Fool, a collection of tales about a man called Mulla Nasruddin. He’s eccentric, doesn’t take things too seriously and is full of surprises! The illustrations are so colourful and eye catching, the culture so different from those of us living in the West, it’s great for imaginations to go wild.

You can't go wrong with purple shoes!

You can’t go wrong with purple shoes!

For our older readers or those of you who have big brothers or sisters who love to read, the tale of Finn at Clee Point is ideal. Set in the UK, at Spurn Point on the River Humber, this is chapter book to get immersed i. If you’re a UK reader, you could take a trip up to see where the story is set, learn about nature and even a little bit of history as the book is set in the 1930s.

1930's England. . . the weather never changes!

1930’s England. . . the weather never changes!

To pick just a few was really hard, and there are a lot of amazing books not on sale too, so click here and enjoy your shopping! If you buy a book and want to share your thoughts with us, you can Tweet, Facebook or email us at

See you soon!

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