Mr Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Hi everyone!

We have a late night post for you today. Beebop is up late, she’s teething quite badly and nothing seems to be helping. So we’ve embraced staying up late and decided to read some books. We were so impressed with Mr Tiger Goes Wild, that we thought we’d blog it for you.

Front Cover

Front Cover

Mr Tiger is quite unhappy. Everyone else is fine with the way things are, except for him. Everyone is always so proper, no being WILD! So Mr Tiger has a brilliant idea. . . . but does he go too far?

The illustrations in this book are fantastic. The city illustrations reminded us of Art Deco stylistics,  and through the first half of the book are sepia toned with hints of colour, such as Mr Tiger and the occasional tongue. The colours in the second half are so vivid, it’s a great contrast between the city and the wild. It is very different to a lot of other children’s books and the illustrations were one of the reasons it caught our eye in the library. The illustrations were made with India ink, watercolour, gouache and pencils, then digitally composited and coloured (or so the book says!), for those that were wondering! We especially loved Mr Tiger’s Hawaiian shirt!

The very definition of cool . . .

The very definition of cool . . .

It’s a great book from start to finish, Beebop loved it. It lets your imagination go wild (see what we did there!) and children will love it, It celebrates individuality and a sweet way that is also incredibly funny.

For those of you who have reluctant readers, there is also stage productions of the book. Goblin theatre in Chelsea have just finished their run, but look out for more dates in the future. We’re sure it was a rip ROAR-ing (sorry. . . ) success.

Peter has his own Twitter, Facebook and website so you can keep up to date with his latest work.

If you didn’t notice our new pinned tweet and status on our Twitter and Facebook, you may have missed our latest venture! We now have an online shop, selling books from Barefoot Books, available here, so have a look round and treat your little one to a wonderful new book! Feel free to contact us on if you have any questions 🙂 see you soon!

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