Pants Hats by Emi Lou Howe

Hi everyone!

We have a very special book for you today, written by a very special person. This special book is called Pants Hats. It asks the most important question you can think of. . . ..  yes, is it so bad to wear pants as a hat?! Who says we don’t cover world affairs on this blog!

Pants Hats begins with mum saying “you shouldn’t really wear pants on your head!” but when your pants are clean and belong to you, what’s the problem? Even doctors wear them! There are lots of people who wear them, as you’ll see in the book!

Front Cover

Front Cover

We love the illustrations in this book. They are created by and made by the author, Emi Lou Howe. She uses so many different textures, colours and materials to create her characters and none of the detailing is lost during the printing process. It is like looking at a collage on the page. The characters are also ethnically diverse.

Bald patches and sharks!

Bald patches and sharks!

This book is a funny, warm read which written in rhymes, so it’s suitable for all ages. Children will find it incredibly funny. Beebop giggled the whole way through mummy Beebop reading it to her.

We said earlier that this book was special. It’s special because the character who asks the all important question of why you can’t wear pants on your head is in hospital. The author, Emi Lou, has been in hospital over 100 hundred times too, which is why the profits of this book go to Kidscan, a children’s cancer research charity.

This means that if you have a poorly child who needs to go into hospital, whether it’s for a day or overnight (or a sleepover, as Emi Lou says!) you can broach the subject in a funny way, to take the fear out of scary rooms with lots of ‘stuff’ and those doctors who are all gowned up? They’re just wearing Pants Hats! This makes this book invaluable, as well as raising money for a good cause.

There is a slight catch now you’ve read this post, you have to take a Pants Hats selfie, post it on the social media of your choice using the #PantsHatsSelfie and nominate the next person. We’re sure you will all have a clean pair of pants somewhere, so when you’ve posted your selfie, tag us @BeebopsBooks and @EmiHowe so we can see! Here’s ours!



Emi Lou has her own website where you can buy her book, learn a new recipe or read some more stories.You could also follow her on Twitter. If you want to learn more about Kidscan, their website is here.

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