Norris, The Bear Who Shared by Catherine Rayner

Hello everyone!

It’s a long time, no blog post! Firstly, we’d like to say how very sorry we are for not posting any book reviews recently. Unfortunately, after Beebop’s great nanny passed away (mummy Beebop’s nan) we decided to hibernate a little and spend some time with our family. Our review today is by Catherine Rayner, featuring Norris, The Bear Who Shared.

Norris's front cover

Norris’s front cover

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you might have guessed we are big fans of Catherine Rayner. As well as being a very lovely person, she is also a very talented author and illustrator. We’ve previously done reviews on Augustus And His SmileSmelly Louie and we loved them both! We spotted Norris in our local library, grabbed him and rushed home to read him!

Norris is a very wise bear. He knows that plorringes are the tastiest fruit of all, and being wise, he knew patience was just what is needed when you’re waiting for plorringes to fall from the tree. However, he wasn’t the only one who wanted plorringes. .. so did Tulip and Violet! Norris wasn’t just wise though, he was also very kind, which is just what you need when you make new friends

The illustrations are simply beautiful and Norris himself is just adorable, Catherine’s artistry is second to none. Her illustrations would look just as good on your wall. We particularly loved the shading of Norris’s fur. Her illustrations really add to the story and the little details are really special. Can you spot the bees or the butterflies?

Norris and a plorringe. . . . the very best fruit of all!

Norris and a plorringe. . . . the very best fruit of all!

The story is adorable. It introduces the themes of friendship, patience and kindness within the story and is captivating. Tulip and Violet’s antics are very funny, children will love them. Beebop loves Norris and she smiled the whole time we were reading the book.  There are SO many bear books in the children’s books market, it’s very hard to make a bear unique. Partly down the gorgeous illustrations, Norris manages to be just that!

Not only will he inspire children to be kind and share with their friends, he is also very inspirational to Milos too!

photo 3 (8)  

Can you spot the difference?! Make sure you follow Catherine on her Twitter, Facebook and website. We will see you very soon with another post!

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