Arthur and the Elephant by Fiona Campbell

Good morning!

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Beebop and I spent Saturday at a reading of the book we’ll be reviewing for you, then ceramic painting for Christmas presents. On Sunday, we went to our local artisan’s market were we bought Christmas Tea. Yes, there is such a thing and it tastes amazing! If you’re a tea fiend (like mummy Beebop), have a look at The Lazy Leaf Tea Company.

We’ve actually been to hear Fiona Campbell read Arthur and the Elephant twice now. The first time, we turned up to our local Read and Rhyme session at the library to find there were no seats and very excited children everywhere! The library itself isn’t very big and it was a bit of a squeeze! So, when Fiona said shewas doing another reading in Liverpool, we thought it would be great to hear it again!

Arthur and the Elephant is a story about an elephant turning up (in disguise) asking for a room. Arthur’s mum lets him stay and even lets him rent Arthur’s bedroom! Arthur is not happy about this and is convinced this strange man is an elephant. Arthur sets out to prove he is an elephant and get his bedroom back!

Front Cover

Front Cover

Illustrations: Laura Vann’s illustrations are just so sweet. We love the way it looks like they’ve been drawn onto the page, not printed. The attention to detail is also brilliant, our personal favourites are Arthur’s different coloured socks and the plaster on his elbow!

Arthur finds out he no longer has a bedroom!

Arthur finds out he no longer has a bedroom!

Story: We love this story. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an elephant come to stay?! Not quite as great, obviously, if you end up with no bedroom, but it would still be pretty brilliant! It would be great as a starting point for children to go and learn about elephants (and why it’s probably not a good idea to try and keep one in your house!)

This is Fiona’s first children’s book and we think it’s pretty brilliant. If you ever see her do a reading, she has the bowler hat, the raincoat and the moustache, uses props and all the children are really engaged with the story from start to finish. You can’t really get better praise than that! The reading on Saturday was held with Liverpool Libraries (follow their twitter here) and City of Readers, which is a campaign to transform Liverpool into (quite literally!) a city of readers! They also have a Twitter and are doing brilliant work throughout Liverpool.

Please give Fiona a like on Facebook  and look out for more events she has coming up!

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