Bunny Tales

If you’ve read our ‘About Me’ section, you will know we live in a small zoo. Currently, we live with 3 cats (Boo, Milo and Alfie), 3 rabbits (Poppy, Rex and Sophie) and 3 hamsters (Clyde, Pops and Ula). Most of our furry family are rescues from extremely poor homes. Obviously, we are big bunny fans in our house and we like to help out with our local rabbit rescue (not just by adopting bunnies!) by running their Twitter page. We then had a message from a local primary school, asking if some of our bunnies would like to go into school and read stories with the children! We (and the bunnies!) thought that was a great idea!

The District CE are doing amazingly well at encouraging a love of reading with their pupils and if you take a peek at their Twitter, you can see how much the children love their books! These photos were sent from The District CE and Furry Friends Furever Rescue


Bramble wanted to read what happens next!


Even the teachers got involved!


The excitement was too much for some bunnies!


“This is one of my favourites!”


There was even time for cuddles at the end of story time


Bramble looks like he’s enjoying those cuddles!


Projects like this are so important in building children’s confidence with reading. How many mummies and daddies jump in if their little ones mispronounce a word, miss a page or can’t read a word and falter? Bunnies (and other animals) aren’t like mummies, daddies and other grown ups, they sit still (mostly) and listen without interrupting, correcting or judging and this is what helps to bring confidence up in children. A friend of Beebop’s books (who lives in an even bigger zoo than ours!) has a step-son, aged 6, who finds it very difficult to read aloud to adults and, therefore, may be classed as a poor reader. However, he reads beautifully to the animals he lives with. He says they don’t interrupt, they just listen! Little things like letting them choose their own books, reading to pets or grown ups who just sit and listen are all good ways to foster a love of reading for pleasure.

Thank you again to The District CE, the bunnies of Furry Friends are looking forward to hearing more stories very soon!

We’re not sure these 3 monkeys will be allowed in, lot of food is required to sit still for more than 3 seconds!







DISCLAIMER: Yes, bunnies are very cute but they are not always good pets for children! The bunnies taken to the school were specially chosen as they are used to children and are very docile and calm. Rabbits can live a long time and are a huge commitment, They can also give nasty bites, sharp kicks and can be frightened very easily. A big hutch and run is also required, not a tiny hutch at the bottom of a garden. It’s always better to choose an older bunny as their personality is known, as bunnies don’t mature until they are 6 months old. All of Beebop’s bunnies are spayed and neutered. We wouldn’t normally advocate bunnies living alone as they are very social (a spayed female and neutered male are the best pairing!) but Sophie is very much a people bunny and gets lots of love from us. More information on rabbits is available on the RWAF website. Always adopt, don’t shop!

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