I Wish I’d Been Born A Unicorn by Rachel Lyon: Review & Book Launch

We spent our morning at Wardleworths bookshop in St Helens for the launch of a very lovely book by Rachel Lyon (follow her on twitter).. We first read the story in read and rhyme on Monday, so we got a sneak preview!

I Wish I’d Been Born A Unicorn is the tale of very smelly Mucky. He had no friends and no other horses would share his field, so he decides things would be better if he’d been born a unicorn!

Introducing. . . Mucky!

Introducing. . . Mucky!

Illustrations: We love the illustrations by Andrea Ringli. Mucky has a very expressive face and there’s so much to see on every page. Every time you read the book, you see something new in the illustrations you didn’t see before.

Story: You can’t help but fall in love with Mucky. He’s just so adorable.It’s very sweet that he wants to be a unicorn, but we think Mucky is just fine the way he is. When we read this at read and rhyme, it sparked a lovely discussion on unicorns; what they are, where they come from and what they look like. The children were captivated with Mucky’s transformation! It also carries a very good hidden message, about how it’s always better to be yourself! We really love this book. The rhyming style of the text flows very easily and would be great for little ones to read along with mummies and daddies.

We were very lucky to have Rachel launch her book at Wardleworths bookshop. There was even (very delicious!) unicorn cake!

Rachel's mystical unicorn corner!

Rachel’s mystical unicorn corner!

Look at the cake!

Look at the cake!

Rachel reading her book

Rachel reading her book

Thank you so much for signing a copy for Beebop. We’re sure it’ll be a massive success. Look at Mucky’s face, how could it not be?!

Shhh! We also had a sneaky peek at upcoming book series Pugalugs! Follow them on twitter to keep up to date with their news, you’ll love it, we promise!

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