Guest Review: What The Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson & Lulu’s Clothes by Camilla Reid

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re having a lovely Monday! We’ve been to our local library’s Read and Rhyme session, popped to nanny’s house to pinch some cake and started our Christmas shopping! Today’s post will be a little different and hopefully, the first of many! We have two books for you, reviewed by the gorgeous Emily, age “a big 3!”.

What The Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson

We are massive Julia Donaldson fans at Beebop’s Books, as is Emily! This story is all about the theft of a prize cow! Amongst all the noise on the farm, it’s the quietest animal that comes to the rescue!

Emily says that her favourite bit was finding the ladybird hidden on every page and “when they were talking about what they wanted to do”. Emily also says that she didn’t like “the baddies!”.


Emily loving What The Ladybird Heard.

Lulu’s Clothes by Camilla Reid

In this book aimed at ages 3 and above, Lulu has a wardrobe of dreams! She chooses a range of beautiful clothes in a wonderfully interactive book for toddlers. Emily says the best thing is touching everything in the book. When Emily’s mummy asked her what she didn’t like, Emily said she liked all all of it! You can’t get higher praise than that! This book would be great for exploring clothes with toddlers, however, no promises will be made on teaching them to put clothes away when they’re older!


This is the time to make a cup of tea and drink it while it’s hot!


Emily looks like she’s enjoying Lulu’s Clothes!

Thank you again to Emily for reviewing her books for us. We’d like to make it a regular feature so if your little one has a book they want to share, please contact us at, our Facebook  or Twitter. See you soon!

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