Augustus And His Smile by Catherine Rayner

This book is a very special book to me. Beebop and I first discovered it sat on a table in our local children’s centre. There was a very long queue for the weighing scales and Beebop was being untypically British and complaining about the wait. Other babies and toddlers were also complaining about the wait so my head was sore. I didn’t want the noise of plastic toys and high pitched squeaking so I flicked through a pile of books and the beautiful face of Augustus caught my eye.

I put the book in front of Beebop and she was instantly captivated with him. The book was a Polish translation but we fell in love with it. We read it from cover to cover twice over before we were called in, Beebop wanted to take it with her! .



The book, written and illustrated by Catherine Rayner, is about a tiger who loses his smile. We go on an amazing adventure through mountains and deserts to search for it.

Illustrations: Mummy Beebop loves illustrations like this, beautifully done with plenty of character. They certainly captivated a rather grumpy Beebop! It’s like he is alive on the page in front of you, the contrast and colours are stunning. Here is a photo of one of the pages so you can see what we mean! The author also does silk screen prints of her work on her website.

Augustus looking in bushes for his smile.

Augustus looking in bushes for his smile.

Story: You are really drawn into Augustus and his search for his smile. The writing just flows and is very descriptive. We thought it was an incredibly sweet story with a beautiful ending. We just fell in love with it and don’t want go into too much detail and spoil the story for you, we just want you to get a copy and discover it for yourself!

Another excellent feature of this book is the tiger facts at the end, perfect for mini zoologists or adventurers to learn more and expand their interests!

Beebop’s score: 5/5 (if we could score higher, we would!)

Our next post will hopefully be a review of Beebop’s LiBEARy sleepover for the 25th anniversary of the book ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. We’re just waiting on official pictures from the library as it would be much better than pictures of pictures! See you soon!

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