All I Said Was by Michael Morpurgo

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All I Said Was

Good evening everyone!

We’ve had a busy last few days what with injection day (for Beebop; hate those days with a passion), spider related traumas (for me!) and trying to plan a trip to the cake baking shop for supplies without much success! What better way to de-stress than to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea? The tea for mummies and daddies, obviously! We chose “All I Said Was.  . .” by Michael Morpurgo.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bird and have the freedom of flying? Well, this book has the answer! Be careful what you wish for! This is the tale of a little boy who decided to swap places with a pigeon, only to find the pigeon wouldn’t swap back! Our version had a little sticker on to say it was a good book to encourage children to get into reading (We agree!)

Illustrations: Mummy rather liked the harassed looking pigeon on the front cover! We imagine it’s quite difficult to get expressions into a pigeon’s face, so for that reason alone, the illustrations are great! Especially as the harassed look gets worse as the poor pigeon ends up in quite a few sticky situations!

Content: We thought the story was quite funny. For older children especially, imaginations can run wild with all the thoughts of what you could get up to while you were being a pigeon! Mummies and Daddies, be prepared for looooong conversations and a multitude of questions! It’s also good fun for starting up games involving sofas and climbing frames as launch pads (read this book with caution!) Overall, we liked it, it was funny but we just wanted to know what happened to the pigeon and the boy!

Beebop’s score: 3.5/5

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