Aunt Amelia by Rebecca Cobb


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Aunt Amelia

Having read another of Rebecca Cobb’s books, The Paper Dolls, Beebop and I thought we’d give this one a try. We LOVED The Paper Dolls, so go have a read of that book too!

Aunt Amelia is the story of two children who really don’t want a babysitter. Mummy and Daddy leave the babysitter, Aunt Amelia with a list of rules. The children are really unhappy now! However, Aunt Amelia is not your average babysitter and it’s amazing how liberal interpretations of rules can be!

Illustrations: I love these illustrations in the style of the much loved Gruffalo. They’re brilliantly done and brilliantly funny to look at. Beebop was entranced by them!

Story: We loved it, even more than Paper Dolls! Every mummy and daddy remembers their own parents giving babysitters lists of rules. We guarantee that they weren’t followed to the letter like Aunt Amelia does! The story is just magical and mummy loved it almost as much as Beebop did, who smiled the whole way through the story. Children will love this book. Best not to give it to any babysitters though! Might lead to some awkward situations! One of the most beautiful bits of the story is that no-one happens to mention that Aunt Amelia, well, looks just a little bit different to everyone else! It’s a happy, witty, charming book and instantly is one of our favourites. For fans of the Gruffalo, this book will be a firm hit for both boys and girls.

Beebop’s score: 5/5 (if we could give higher, we would!)

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