Chilly Milly Moo by Fiona Ross




Image from Amazon, book available atĀ Amazon here.

Beebop and I enjoyed Chilly Milly Moo tonight after our bath time. Chilly Milly Moo is different from the other cows, she can’t make milk in the heat! The farmer isn’t happy, the other cows are mean to her and she has to learn to make milk fast!

Illustrations: I really liked the illustrations, I liked the fact Milly looked different with her beanie hat and boots! Beebop was quite fascinated too!

Story: We enjoyed the story,overall, I was a bit concerned about where the book was heading when Milly wondered what happened to cows that don’t make milk, and thankful that I didn’t have a toddler who could ask the question! In the book, she imagines a desert island in the middle of the sea so don’t panic! I liked the twist at the end too, we finished the book with a smile on our face! It also shows us it’s okay to be different and each of us has our own special talent.

The only thing I would critique is the words on some pages are in odd places, on beams of wood at the bottom of the page. While adding an interesting twist, it did make it awkward to read in some places but it’s only a minor thing. It doesn’t detract from the overall story.

Beebop’s score: 4.5/5

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